Our inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report outlines our ESG activities in a dedicated format. In preparing this report, we determined that our ESG strategy is a culmination of our efforts throughout the years, including volunteer hours, community grants, lending support in the form of affordable housing, multifamily lending, commercial and small business financing options, and not-for-profit lending. Our ESG strategy will continue to evolve as opportunities present themselves, and we will update this report as new initiatives develop.

Environmental Programs and Initiatives

Although we are in the early stages of assessing our environmental policies and developing future plans to help our local economies, communities, and customers, our company understands the long-term implications and accepts the responsibility to foster environmentally friendly practices. We are sharing in our ESG Report what we already have in place, which falls into two broad areas: reduction of carbon footprint and assessing climate change through underwriting.

ESG Report

Governance: Oversight and Risk Frameworks

Corporate governance is a strength of our company. Our Board of Directors has oversight for employee, community, and customer activities through regular meetings and special committees. The Board of Directors has a responsibility to monitor the Company’s key risks such as data and cybersecurity, and stress testing. Additionally, the Board has oversight of the Company’s policies, including code of business conduct and ethics, and whistleblower.

ESG Report